Court of Appeals Denined

Illinois 4th District Court of Appeals DENIES Governor J.B. Pritzker Appeal of the Mask Mandate TRO

Springfield, IL – Governor J.B. Pritzker’s appeal of Judge Grischow’s Temporary Restraining Order, which states schools can not enforce a mask mandate, exclusion from school, or testing vaccination requirements, has been DENIED.


Over the past two weeks, schools across the state of Illinois have been implementing mask optional policies.   Parents from Speak for Students, as a grassroots parents organization, have been on the front lines of this battle. 


Speak for Student’s partnered with Attorney Thomas DeVore to organize parents from over 145 school districts to bring this matter before the court.  


Speak for Students co-founder Ryan Cunningham said, “this movement started with everyday parents who first tried to engage their local school boards before taking legal action… today is a win for the parents and shows the little man can stand up to government overreach.”  


Speak for Students could not have made this initiative happen without you.   Please consider donating as we establish our official non-profit status.  

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