Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act

Illinois “Health Care Right of Conscience Act” – Teacher Tool Kit Part 2

Earlier this week, we provided a Teachers Tool Kit related to COVID 19 vaccinations and testing for teachers. This Tool Kit outlined questions you could ask your employer reference your school district’s implementation of Executive Order 2021-20 mandating COVID 19 vaccinations and/or COVID 19 testing in your school district.

Since the release of that Tool Kit, several educational attorneys have taken the time to dive deep into the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act, 745 ILCS 70, a component of the Tool Kit we highlighted. Today, some have shared a COVID-19 Employee Vaccination and Testing Exemption form with us.   

The Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act states clearly that it is “unlawful” to discriminate because of a person’s “conscientious refusal” to receive health care services “contrary to his or her conscience.”

Illinois Review has a great article on the application of this act. 

"The Health Care Right of Conscience Act protects Illinoisans from being discriminated against if they cannot in good conscience accept certain health care or treatments, regardless of whether rendered by a physician, nurse, or any person that assists in providing health care services," Davies said.

Speak for Students was recently provided with a document used at several school districts, drafted by an attorney, to protect faculty and staff rights under The Health Care Right of Conscience Act. This document was shared with us in hopes that you would provide your school district with this resource to ensure your health rights are protected.

We encourage you to download this document and share it with district administrators and school boards.

NOTE: We are not the creators of this form, and the source has asked to remain confidential.

Download the Example EXEMPTION FORM now!

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