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Attorney Carol Sparks Pens Non-Plaintiff Form Letter in Response to Judge Grischow Masking Exclusion and Testing TRO

On February 4, 2022 Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge Raylene Grischow said in a ruling granting a temporary restraining order against the mandates that the governor’s orders seemed to try and work around individual due process in law and called the bureaucratic maneuvering a “type of evil” that the law was intended to constrain.

School district’s across the state are asking their legal counsel to determine the implications of the ruling on their individual districts. The judge ordered districts to temporarily halt requiring masks and excluding children from school and stop requiring vaccines or testing for teachers, unless there’s individual due process. She said all non-named districts may govern themselves accordingly while also stating all current mandates are unlawful.

At this point, school districts have a decision to make – do they willfully disobey the judicial ruling and expose themselves to additional litigation or allow both teachers and parents a choice in regards to masking, testing, and exclusion requirements.   

Attorney Carol Sparks, who has students in the TRIAD school district, penned a letter she had planned to send on behalf of her children in the TRIAD school district.   TRIAD has now elected to go mask optional, so Carol shared the letter with Speak for Students and requested anyone who would like to utilize the letter to make a donation to Speak for Students through the trust fund established by her office.  All donations collected will be used to advance the mission of Speak for Students.

Please consider donating any amount.  


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