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Students are speaking out against an Illinois high school that threatened to discipline students who protest the use of bathrooms on the basis of gender identity, rather than biological sex.

On March 17, a group of nearly 150 Waterloo High School students lined up to use the nurse’s restroom after being told if they were uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a student of the opposite sex, they could use the single-stall unisex bathroom, students told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Following the protest, Superintendent Brian Charron notified the school community that the students who stood in line were marked tardy from class and those who continue to protest the issue will be disciplined, a move students believe is unfair, they told the DCNF….

In light of these circumstances, the Waterloo, IL School board passed a policy allowing members of the opposite sex to use a bathroom or locker room of their choosing.  Members of the Waterloo Community have created a petition which will be presented to the school board asking them to reverse their policy.  

Letter from Waterloo School Board to the Community

Petition to Revoke and Replace Current Bathroom Policy for WCUSD5


All completed forms will be turned over to the Waterloo School Board.  

E-Mail addresses will only be collected for group leaders to communicate with you and will not be turned over to the school board.  

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