Welcome to Tom DeVore's Potential Plaintiff Registration Page!

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I want to be the LEADER for my school district!

I am ready to be the leader for my school district! I have parents or other teachers who are prepared to partner with me. I understand I will be responsible for assisting with gathering plaintiff information, payment and coordinating with Tom DeVore's office. I have up to 8 plaintiffs ready to go and my payment ready! (Tom's office will contact you for payment)

Time Left for a COMPLETED and ACCEPTED application!

Tom DeVore's team will review all completed applications, and they will contact you directly. You are not considered a plaintiff until you have signed an agreement for representation with Tom DeVore's office. Tom DeVore's office is not involved with any fundraising initiatives.
This online registration page was created to assist Tom DeVore's office in gathering information due to an influx of telephone calls and is in no way soliciting anything.

Want to Learn More about the Case?

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