Are you ready to SPEAK UP for our children and teachers?

Tom DeVore will be consolidating all of the KIDS masking and exclusion cases into one case and all of the TEACHERS testing and vaccination mandates into one case!

1. Be a Leader!

We need one person to be the point of contact at each school district.  (One Person for Kids & One person for Teachers)   

2. Find Others!

As the leader, you will work to help us identify 8 plaintiffs in your district.  (Eight Students for the KIDS case & Eight Teachers for the teachers case) 

3. Stand in the Gap!

Help fundraise or stand in the gap!  You will be the point person for financial transactions.   The current fee is $5324 per district and issue raised (ex. $10648 for both teachers and kids at the same district).   

I want to be the LEADER for my school district!

I am ready to be the leader for my school district! I have parents or other teachers who are prepared to partner with me. I understand I will be responsible for assisting with gathering plaintiff information, payment and coordinating with Tom DeVore's office.