TRIAD Hopeful Parents Choice

TRIAD Superintendent Leigh Lewis is Hopeful Through Various Mitigations Measures that Parents Can Have a Choice

TRIAD Superintendent Leigh Lewis graciously reached out today – Saturday, July 10, 2021. While we do not have definitive answers (as expected for the weekend), I feel we are working towards a common goal – respecting everyone’s rights, including those who are still fearful.  

On Monday, the district will be meeting with the Madison County Health Department, district administration, regional partners, and legal counsel. They feel the guidance is clear for those who are vaccinated, which gives them flexibility. However, they are trying to navigate the waters for those who choose not to vaccinate or are not eligible (ages 2-12), which affects all elementary students.  They are hopeful through various mitigations measures; they can give each parent a choice (in masking) – even for those who choose not to vaccinate. 

It is still our mission that each parent, student, faculty, and staff member should have a choice in their individual healthcare – and we will continue to advocate for that mission. 

We are incredibly proud of everyone who has chosen to #SpeakForStudents and have their voices heard.   

We are proud of the TRIAD Board of Education, Superintendant Lewis, and the remainder of the administration for taking the time to listen. We are hopeful they will continue to #BeBold as our children prepare to return to school.   

Please continue to show your support and share your stories on social and with the board through e-mail – knowing that they have been gracious in hearing our voices.

Thank you


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